Collection: Scrubmates Under Scrubs & Scrubs for Men

Tired of freezing in the hospital, and having your items falling out of your scrub top when you bend over? After years of testing, we are proud to introduce the perfect under scrubs and scrubs for men.  

Scrubmates undershirts and compression pants base layers are made to layer seamlessly under scrubs and other clothing. Featuring our exclusive design with Stash & Go® zippered chest pocket, you will never worry about where to put your wedding ring, AirPods, money, keys or watch when you are in the operating room, working out at the gym, fly fishing, running or at target practice.  

Made from a high quality nylon/spandex fabric mix, our underscrubs feature an athletic fit, and are flexible, breathable and sweat-wicking, helping you to remain cool and dry under pressure. No more soaked surgical scrubs under your operating room gown.

Our underscrub tops are made to pair perfectly with our exclusive scrub collection, and our long sleeve t-shirts provide perfect tattoo coverage while on the job. Your wait for the best and most versatile under scrubs is over, order your Scrubmates today - happiness guaranteed!

Scrubmates makes for a useful and much appreciated gift for nurses, doctors or anyone who works or plays in cold environments!

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