About Us


Welcome to Scrubmates, a healthcare provider-owned brand dedicated to providing innovative, functional, and stylish underscrubs and scrubs designed to offer warmth, comfort, and peace of mind for healthcare heroes. Founded by Miriam, a surgical physician assistant with over two decades of experience in the operating room, Scrubmates was born out of a genuine need for better solutions in healthcare apparel.

Miriam's journey began with a simple desire to stay warm and comfortable during long shifts in the OR. Frustrated by the lack of suitable options available, she embarked on a mission to create her own underscrubs. Inspired by personal experiences of losing valuables and dealing with discomfort and distraction from being cold at work, Miriam sought to design underscrubs that not only provided warmth but also featured secure pockets for personal items.

Through trial and error, she created a solution that not only provided warmth but also featured secure pockets for personal items, eliminating the risk of lost valuables. With Scrubmates underscrubs, healthcare professionals could now stay warm, keep their personal items secure, and focus on delivering the best patient care without distractions. The positive feedback from Miriam's friends and colleagues confirmed the need for such innovative apparel solutions.

With Scrubmates, healthcare professionals can now focus on their patients with confidence, knowing they are equipped with apparel designed by those who understand their needs firsthand.

Join the Scrubmates community and experience the difference for yourself. Let's stay warm, comfortable, and happier at work together. 🫶🏽


operating room nurses surgical technician physician assistant stay warm with under scrubs with zippered pocket for worry free storage of personal items

thanks to my friends

A huge shoutout to my amazing OR colleagues! Your support and feedback have been invaluable on this Scrubmates journey.