Our Backstory

Welcome to Scrubmates, a healthcare provider owned, solution-oriented apparel brand with a mission to provide innovative, functional and stylish underscrubs that provide warmth, comfort and peace of mind for healthcare heroes. Scrubmates was founded by Miriam, a surgical physician assistant with over 20 years of experience in the operating room. This is her backstory:

Once there was a PA who loved working in the OR. She and her friends enjoyed working together to care for and help patients, but sometimes struggled to concentrate and perform their best because they were always so uncomfortably cold. Every day they looked online and in stores for underscrubs that would keep them warm and comfortable, but everything they found was either too hot, not warm enough or not OR/hospital approved. 
One day when rushing out of the OR to pick up her kids from school, she accidentally forgot her wedding ring in her scrub shirt pocket and tossed it in the laundry bin at work. Thankfully, one of her OR aide friends helped her search through the laundry bags the next morning until they eventually found it! A few of her friends had similar experiences, but not all of them were lucky enough to find their valuables.
Miriam and her friends were also tired of all of their things falling out of their pockets every time they bent over! They realized that not only did they need a base layer that was warm, but it also needed to have a secure pocket for personal items. Since they couldn’t find anything that worked well in stores, they decided to try to design their own.
After several design attempts, she finally found something that worked! She was happy because she was no longer cold and didn’t have to worry about losing her personal items. She could finally focus on doing her best and enjoy working with her friends! Her friends wore the underscrubs and loved them too! No more freezing, lost items or stuff falling out of their pockets! 😃

Scrubmates believes in giving back and making a positive impact in the healthcare community. We are deeply passionate about supporting and promoting education and mental wellness programs in healthcare. A portion of profits is dedicated to funding educational scholarships and supporting healthcare charities, as we strive to contribute to the growth, happiness and well-being of those who dedicate their lives to caring for others.

Join the Scrubmates community, lets stay warm, comfortable and happier at work together. 🫶🏽


operating room nurses surgical technician physician assistant stay warm with under scrubs with zippered pocket for worry free storage of personal items

thanks to my friends

A huge shoutout to my amazing OR colleagues! Your support and feedback have been invaluable on this Scrubmates journey.